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Tracking Aggregate Behavioral Analytics with Mixpanel

Discover how Mixpanel's behavioral analytics can enhance your product management strategy by providing deep insights into user behavior.

Jun 9, 20243 min read

Sales vs Product Defined Roadmap: Finding the Perfect Balance

Discover the intricate dance between sales-driven and product-driven roadmaps, and learn how to achieve the ideal balance for your business.

Jun 8, 20244 min read

Building a Product Roadmap That Aligns All Stakeholders

Learn how to create a product roadmap that brings together all stakeholders, ensuring cohesive vision and successful execution.

Jun 7, 20244 min read

Step by Step Guide for Conducting Product Discovery

A comprehensive guide for product managers on how to effectively conduct product discovery to create successful products.

Jun 6, 20243 min read

What Makes a Great Product Manager

Exploring the key traits and skills that define exceptional product managers in today's dynamic market.

Jun 5, 20244 min read

Using Product Design to Align Faster with Engineering

How strategic product design can enhance collaboration and speed up alignment with engineering teams.

Jun 4, 20244 min read

Organizing Product Teams by Squads

A comprehensive guide to structuring your product teams for success using the squad model.

Jun 3, 20244 min read

Using Metrics to Make Product Decisions

Learn how to harness the power of metrics to drive product decisions and ensure success in your product management journey.

Jun 2, 20244 min read

Tips for Reducing Anxiety as a Product Manager

Discover practical strategies to manage and reduce anxiety in your role as a product manager.

Jun 1, 20243 min read

Techniques to Quickly Discover Your Customer's Pain Points

Uncover effective methods to swiftly identify and understand your customer's pain points to enhance product development and customer satisfaction.

May 31, 20243 min read

Transitioning from Engineering to Product Management

A comprehensive guide on how to successfully transition from an engineering role to a product management career, leveraging your technical skills to excel in a new domain.

May 30, 20245 min read

How to Effectively Triage Incoming User Feedback

Master the art of triaging user feedback to prioritize features, enhance product development, and delight your users.

May 29, 20244 min read

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