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Generative andpredictive AIfor Product teams

Eververse is a new standard for modern product management. Explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan your roadmap with the help of artificial intelligence.

Build your roadmap at lightspeed

Eververse weaves AI throughout the feedback, ideation and planning process to help you get more work done... without all the work.

AI-Assisted Writing

An editor that writes like you

Embed designs, images, videos and more with our incredibly advanced editor; and use AI to help continue sentences based on your writing style.

AI Sentiment Analysis

Empathize with your customers

Source feedback from popular support tools and use automated sentiment analysis to understand how your customers feel.

Predictive AI Prioritization

AI RICE scoring

Automatically best-guess Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort to help you prioritize.

AI Feedback Summarization

Understand the voice of the customer

Eververse summarizes feedback, extracting pain points, themes and desired outcomes, to help clarify what your customers really want.

Generative AI Roadmaps

AI take the wheel

Eververse automatically generates a roadmap based on your ideas and solutions, so you can focus on what matters.

AI Triage and Tagging

Stop processing feedback manually

Eververse automatically tags phrases and insights in feedback into key categories, so you can focus on what matters.

AI-Powered Digests

Stay up to date

Eververse takes your team's activity and summarizes it into a digestible format, so you can stay in sync.

AI Feature-Insight Correlation

Find the signal in the noise

Eververse can find relevant feedback for a feature, so you can tie your solutions back to the customer's pain points.

AI Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of the curve

Keep tabs on upcoming trends and opportunities in customer feedback.

Introducing Canvas — the visual way to explore ideas

Work with your team to explore problems, ideate solutions, and prioritize features on an infinite canvas.

An incredible editor designed for teams

Work together with your team on writing comprehensive solution docs in real-time.

Work together on documents

Work together on feature briefs, product requirements and more in real-time.

Shared team presence

See who from your team is online and what they’re working on.

Real-time feedback

Drop comment and reviews on your team's work, and get feedback instantly.

Invite your team

Designed to bring Engineers, Designers, Product Managers, and more together.

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