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Eververse is a home for product teams to explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan roadmaps with the help of AI.

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Spend hours processing feedback manually. Capture and triage feedback on autopilot.

AI Feedback Summarization

Understand the voice of the customer

Eververse summarizes feedback, extracting pain points, themes and desired outcomes, to help clarify what your customers want.

AI Sentiment Analysis

Empathize with your customers

Source feedback from popular support tools and use automated sentiment analysis to understand how your customers feel.


Spend hours writing a backlog. Create a backlog that writes itself.

Powerful Writing Tools

A smart, rich editor

Embed Figma designs, YouTube videos, images, code snippets, tables and more with our incredibly advanced editor.

AI-Assisted Writing

Rephrase, summarize, and more

Use AI to help rephrase, summarize or continue sentences; or even generate new ideas.

Predictive AI Prioritization

AI RICE scoring

Eververse will automatically best-guess Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort to help you prioritize your backlog.

Customizable Feature Statuses

Define your own feature statuses

Go beyond just 'To Do', 'In Progress', 'Done'. Add your own custom statuses to fit your workflow.


Spend weeks making a roadmap in spreadsheets. Create a shared roadmap in minutes.

Visual Roadmaps

Create a roadmap

Eververse helps you create a roadmap based on your ideas and solutions, so you can focus on what matters.

Roadmap Events

Mark important events

Mark important events on your roadmap to keep your team and stakeholders informed.

Customizable Views

Customize your roadmap

Toggle completed events, change the timeframe and more to create a roadmap view that works for you.


Spend hours on status updates and meetings. See your team's activity in one place.

Activity Log

Stay up to date

Eververse keeps a log of all activity across your product team, from new features to portal updates.


See who's active

Get a real-time view of who's on Eververse and what they're working on.


Send boring emails to users and stakeholders. Create and publish a rich changelog.

Rich Changelog Editor

Stay in the loop

Keep your users and stakeholders informed with a beautiful, searchable changelog.

AI-Generated Updates

Generate changelogs using AI

Eververse can use your roadmap to generate changelogs for you, saving you time and effort.


Copy data between different tools. Sync apps and automate workflows.


A single source of truth

Connect Eververse to Zapier, Intercom, Slack, Email and more to capture feedback from anywhere.

Bidirectional Feature Sync

Deliver with transparency

Push and pull features from your favorite tools like Jira, GitHub and Linear.


Build your own integrations

Use our API to build custom integrations and automate your workflows.


Send monthly email updates to your users. Share your roadmap and changelog publicly.


Share your plans, ask for Feedback

Share your product roadmap and let your users vote on features they want to see.

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Explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan your roadmap with the help of AI.