Eververse Features

Spend hours writing a backlog.

Create a backlog that writes itself.

Powerful Writing Tools

A smart, rich editor

Embed Figma designs, YouTube videos, images, code snippets, tables and more with our incredibly advanced editor.

AI-Assisted Writing

Rephrase, summarize, and more

Use AI to help rephrase, summarize or continue sentences; or even generate new ideas.

Predictive AI Prioritization

AI RICE scoring

Eververse will automatically best-guess Reach, Impact, Confidence, Effort to help you prioritize your backlog.

Customizable Feature Statuses

Define your own feature statuses

Go beyond just 'To Do', 'In Progress', 'Done'. Add your own custom statuses to fit your workflow.

Introducing Canvas — the visual way to explore ideas

Work with your team to explore problems, ideate solutions, and prioritize features on an infinite canvas.

Get started for free

Explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features and plan your roadmap with the help of AI.